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Protecting Your NEST with Dr. Tony Hampton

Feb 23, 2024

Welcome to Protecting Your Nest with Dr. Tony Hampton. Detric McCullough is a patient of Dr. Tony’s who has lost a ton of weight and put his diabetes into remission by making lifestyle changes. Angela Watson is Detric’s finance and has been in the nursing field for 28 years. Angela has lost over 75 pounds, also through lifestyle changes.

In this discussion, Dr. Tony, Detric, and Angela talk about:

  • (03:15) How Detric and Angela met
  • (03:46) Angela and Detric’s professions
  • (05:09) How Detric’s childhood and upbringing influenced his health issues in later life
  • (08:31) Which animal are you?
  • (10:31) What motivated Detric to make the lifestyle changes that have drastically improved his health
  • (23:14) How much weight Angela and Detric have lost and how they did it
  • (31:04) Detric’s A1C numbers
  • (32:42) The physical and mental benefits that Angela has experienced since changing her diet
  • (34:24) Improving blood pressure and de-prescribing
  • (35:48) Diabetic Neuropathy and how it can impact a person’s life
  • (51:09) Other ways that Detric’s life has improved since turning his health around
  • (56:32) Tips and advice for those suffering from diabetes

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Dr. Tony Hampton: