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Protecting Your NEST with Dr. Tony Hampton

Feb 16, 2024

Welcome to Protecting Your Nest with Dr. Tony Hampton. Serena Musick is a homeschooling mother of four who has suffered from bulimia and binge eating. Since her discovery of animal-based diets she has healed from both. She is now involved in spreading the news about the many benefits of the carnivore diet on her Carnivore Revolution YouTube channel.

In this discussion, Dr. Tony and Serena talk about:

  • (02:33) The experience of raising/homeschooling four kids
  • (08:51) Why Serena started following the carnivore diet and why she started her YouTube channel
  • (21:19) How Serena’s family has responded to her new diet
  • (26:56) Why eating saturated fat is not unhealthy and why so many people fear it unnecessarily
  • (36:59) Wether you can get all of the nutrients and vitamins you need on the carnivore diet
  • (45:06) Carnivore and the gut microbiome
  • (51:46) Wether your protein intake is too high on a Carnivore diet
  • (56:00) What Serena would change in the world, nutritionally speaking, if she could snap her fingers and make it happen

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