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Protecting Your NEST with Dr. Tony Hampton

Mar 10, 2023

Welcome to Protecting Your Nest with Dr. Tony Hampton. Mr. B is the founder of Prodent Max Toothpaste, an herbal toothpaste company committed to “taking the natural approach” to dental hygiene. Prodent Max uses the simplest organic and natural ingredients to create a whole new kind of toothpaste experience.

In this discussion, Dr. Tony talks about:

  • (02:58) How Mr. B came to be involved in the toothpaste business
  • (06:08) Wether there are any benefits from using fluoride
  • (07:57) When/why we starting fluorinating our water
  • (11:41) Nazi experiments with fluoride and the history of the usage of fluoride
  • (13:51) Negative effects of ingesting fluoride
  • (16:12) The warning labels and ingredient lists on the backs of toothpaste tubes
  • (21:02) How fluoride water effects a baby’s brain
  • (27:54) Other places besides tap water and toothpaste where fluoride could be hiding
  • (29:16) Does fluoride increase bad bacteria?
  • (31:24) What makes Prodent Max different from other toothpaste
  • (37:54) The cost of herbal toothpaste and why it is worth it
  • (43:34) How to use Prodent Max and how long it lasts

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