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Protecting Your NEST with Dr. Tony Hampton

Aug 12, 2022

Welcome to Protecting Your Nest with Dr. Tony Hampton. Ileka Falette is known as the Keto Mommy Makeover. She helps her clients reach their personal weightloss goals while gaining confidence in their bodies and mind.  She has overcome her own weight issues and maintains her weightloss of over 100 pounds to this day.  Leka's approach to weightloss focuses on mind and body solutions with meal plans and coaching for business and career growth.

In this discussion, Dr. Tony and Ileka talk about:

  • (02:59) How Ileka learned to balance her busy life
  • (10:09) How Ileka decided to start her business and become a health coach
  • (19:14) How Ileka was able to lose over 120 pounds
  • (26:31) How Ileka stayed motivated when it was hard to maintain her weight loss journey
  • (35:18) The challenges faced by African American women in corporate America
  • (40:16) How excess weight affects our goals
  • (45:54) How to lose belly fat and gain abs
  • (49:31) Alcohol on keto

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Dr. Tony Hampton: