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Protecting Your NEST with Dr. Tony Hampton

Jul 31, 2020

Welcome to Protecting Your Nest. Dr. Adele Hite is a registered dietician with a masters degree in Public Health Nutrition and a Phd in Rhetoric, Communication, and Digital Media. Her doctoral work focused on the various forces surrounding the evolution and creation of the dietary guidelines for the United States.

These credentials merely scratch the surface of Dr. Hite’s work and achievements. To visit her social media pages or check out her website, please see the links below.

Topics covered in this discussion include therapeutic carbohydrate reduction, the ketogenic assimilation of cultural diets, diet-induced remission of metabolic disease, the importance of community and communication to the success of the low-carb movement, and the relationship between culinary heritage and high percentages of certain metabolic issues in particular racial or cultural groups.

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