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Protecting Your NEST with Dr. Tony Hampton

Dec 22, 2023

Welcome to Protecting Your Nest with Dr. Tony Hampton. Dr. Annette Bosworth (aka. Dr. Boz) is an Internal Medicine Physician, Mother, Wife, Medical Doctor, Master Educator, and Small Business Owner. “Dr. Boz” is a Sioux Falls-based internal medicine physician with 20 years of experience helping patients overcome long-term, chronic conditions through lifestyle adjustment, preventive medicine, and other therapeutic paths.

In this discussion, Drs. Tony and Annette talk about:

  • (05:05) How Annette became Dr. Boz
  • (12:36) Dr. Annette’s family
  • (22:16) The amazing story of Annette’s run for Senate in the state of South Dakota
  • (49:30) What Dr. Annette learned from her Senate run
  • (53:31) People in Dr. Annette’s biggest influences
  • (57:14) Common YouTube myths and the benefits of YouTube
  • (01:02:57) The future of metabolic health

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