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Protecting Your NEST with Dr. Tony Hampton

Jul 28, 2023

Welcome to Protecting Your Nest with Dr. Tony Hampton. DeNitra Davis is the co-founder of Knewtritional Knowledge—an organization founded to provide information to help prevent, reverse, and decrease instances of chronic illness. She has successfully implemented therapeutic carb-restriction in order to reverse chronic illness in her own life. She has over 25 years of education experience and is an accredited Metabolic Practitioner with the SMHP. She is also a health coach with Keto Adapted.

In this discussion, Dr. Tony and Denitra talk about:

  • (05:17) How Dr. Tony and DeNitra met
  • (08:59) How DeNitra discovered the Keto diet
  • (15:14) The struggles involved in initially adapting your life to eat low-carb
  • (23:00) Who benefits the most from switching to Keto or Carnivore
  • (28:43) Insulin Resistance and AIC
  • (38:31) The most difficult foods for DeNitra to give up when she switched to the keto diet
  • (46:47) The difficulties of sticking with the keto diet initially
  • (52:16) Some people in the keto/carnivore space who have had a big impact on Denitra
  • (57:32) The 1st fear of the Keto Diet (Missing Nutrients)
  • (01:04:56) The 2nd fear of the Keto Diet (Aren’t Carbs Essential?)
  • (01:11:26) The 3rd fear of the Keto Diet (Microbiome Issues)
  • (01:17:52) The 4th fear of the Keto Diet (Isn’t Keto Bad for your Heart?)
  • (01:23:33) The 5th fear of the Keto Diet (Issues with Ketosis)
  • (01:31:52) How DeNitra is helping to get the low-carb message out

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