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Protecting Your NEST with Dr. Tony Hampton

Apr 28, 2023

Welcome to Protecting Your Nest with Dr. Tony Hampton. Joe and Rachel (2 Krazy Ketos) are happily married with 3 wonderful boys: John Paul, Anthony and Caleb. After years of trying every type of weight loss plan you can think of, from severe calorie restriction to CrossFit, they decided to try the ketogenic lifestyle. After discovering the keto diet in 2017 and experiencing life-changing health results, they made it their mission to share their testimony with as many people as possible.

In this discussion, Dr. Tony, Joe, and Rachel talk about:

  • (03:17) Joe and Rachel’s past struggles with weight and health issues
  • (09:18) Joe and Rachel’s life experiences that caused them ultimately to discover the keto diet
  • (19:53) How Joe and Rachel spread their nutritional findings to their kids and grandkids
  • (26:56) Joe’s love of cooking and how he and Rachel help people start cooking healthy meals
  • (33:11) The origin story of 2 Krazy Ketos and Joe and Rachel’s life mission/goals
  • (41:47) Why community is of critical importance in weight loss and health recovery
  • (50:06) How Rachel successfully shared the truth about keto with her mom
  • (55:57) The biggest challenges when it comes to coaching people through the keto diet
  • (01:02:16) Struggles that Joe and Rachel sometimes personally encounter trying to stick to their diet
  • (01:07:49) How the keto diet positively effects marriage relationships
  • (01:14:29) What Joe and Rachel try to teach people on their YouTube channel and through their website

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