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Protecting Your NEST with Dr. Tony Hampton

Sep 18, 2020

Dr. Kristin Baier is double board-certified in Obesity Medicine and Family Medicine. She recently relocated to San Diego to serve patients through a nontraditional healthcare model with an emphasis on metabolic health. She specializes in weight loss management and associated co-morbidities through lifestyle and nutrition. Find out more about Dr. Baier in the video, podcasts, and articles below.

Dr. Baier shared her story. “For many years, I battled debilitating daily migraines along with frequent painful flares from auto-immune disease. My daily medication regimen could rival someone five decades older. I had tried everything from a vegan diet to Paleo without much improvement in symptoms. Then I discovered the ketogenic diet and benefits of nutritional ketosis and within months my migraines regressed and constant joint pains resolved. I eventually tapered off of six medications and reclaimed my health. Now I strive to bring the same nutritional options to my patients when appropriate.”

In this episode, the discussion topics include the benefits of elimination diets, the carnivore diet, the benefits of eating a low-carb, whole foods diet, and the challenges and benefits of opening a private medical practice.

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