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Protecting Your NEST with Dr. Tony Hampton

Sep 23, 2022

Welcome to Protecting Your Nest with Dr. Tony Hampton. Dr. Brian Lenzkes is an internal medicine doctor based in San Diego who has focused much of his attention on clinical nutrition. He owned his own medical practice with a group of physicians from 2004-2020. Dr. Lenzkes is co-host of the popular LowCarbMD podcast, which has more than 1.4 million downloads, and he is a professional speaker. Dr. Lenzkes has been voted one of the “Top Doctors” in San Diego for 11 years. Currently, he runs his own private practice clinic in San Diego focusing on metabolic health and lifestyle intervention.

In this discussion, Drs. Tony and Brian talk about:

  • (03:31) How Dr. Brian discovered the power of the keto and carnivore diets
  • (07:40) The reactions of friends and family to Dr. Brian’s adoption of the keto diet
  • (13:13) The potential danger of backlash to the ketogenic doctors from the traditional allopathic medical system
  • (16:11) The differences between the carb-centric and the calorie-centric understanding of metabolic health
  • (18:36) Why some patients struggle with metabolic health and weight more than others
  • (21:58) Why some people struggle more with restraint when it comes to food
  • (26:31) Which labs to have done if you are thinking about getting started with a keto or low-carb diet
  • (31:39) Helpful introductory information for those wanting to become metabolically healthy
  • (36:51) The relevance of the microbiome to gut health, metabolic health, and general wellness/thriving
  • (42:00) The effect of alcohol on metabolic health
  • (44:28) How Dr. Brian met his long time partner and co-host of the LowCarb MD Podcast, Dr. Tro Kalayjian
  • (48:08) Why Dr. Brian’s started his other podcast, the Life’s Best Medicine Podcast
  • (54:30) The most important thing to be successful on your health journey

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