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Protecting Your NEST with Dr. Tony Hampton

Mar 25, 2022

Welcome to Protecting Your Nest with Dr. Tony Hampton. Brooke Hazen is an organic farmer, life-long athlete, physical coach, and a health and fitness enthusiast. A Southern California native, Brooke grew up loving the ocean and the natural world. His affinity for the land, healthy living, and natural foods led him to study Agriculture at Humboldt State. In 2001, Brooke realized his vision to grow nutritious, organic, farm-to-table foods under his own brand when he purchased 88 acres of pastureland in the beautiful Northern California farming region of Sebastopol. He now cultivates apples, citrus, medicinal herbs, and high polyphenol olives. He is the author of You Are Not Broken: A Holistic Guide for Men and Women to Heal the Pathways of Sexual Dysfunction and Restore Relational Harmony Together.

In this discussion, Tony and Brooke talk about:

  • (00:03:27) Brooke’s personal health story and his struggle with ED
  • (00:09:37) The negative effects of pornography and poor diet on sexual and mental health
  • (00:16:50) Nobody should be dying of heart disease and heart attacks anymore (modalities for prevention)
  • (00:19:20) Sexual health and physical health are inseparable (letting go of negative/destructive habits)
  • (00:24:40) Understanding the depleting effect of orgasms
  • (00:29:34) The importance of talking about one’s issues with sexual health and struggles with pornography/masturbation
  • (00:34:31) New technologies, tools, and research for recovering sexual health naturally
  • (00:52:00) Semen retention and energy retention
  • (01:06:46) Some quick closing questions regarding sexual health and ED especially

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