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Protecting Your NEST with Dr. Tony Hampton

Apr 22, 2022

Welcome to Protecting Your Nest with Dr. Tony Hampton. Diana Rogers is a “real food” nutritionist and sustainability advocate near Boston, Massachusetts. She’s an author of three books, runs a clinical nutrition practice, hosts the Sustainable Dish Podcast, and has served as an advisory board of numerous nutrition and agriculture organizations including Whole30, Animal Welfare Approved and Savory Institute. She speaks internationally about the intersection of optimal human nutrition and regenerative agriculture. Diana is co-author of, Sacred Cow: The Case for (Better) Meat and the director, producer of the companion film, Sacred Cow. Her new initiative, the Global Food Justice Alliance, advocates for a nutritious, sustainable and equitable worldwide food system.

In this discussion, Dr. Tony and Diana talk about:

  • (00:02:19) Diana’s experience of living on and running a farm for eighteen years
  • (00:08:47) The value of having the life experience of working in a food-processing plant and on a farm
  • (00:14:30) How raising animals without chemicals and industrial agricultural processes can be profitable
  • (00:19:19) Regenerative farming vs Monocropping
  • (00:26:38) Wether emissions and waste from cows are harming the environment
  • (00:39:25) The nutritional value of animal products vs plant based food
  • (00:41:58) The food compass study
  • (00:49:58) The Global Food Justice Alliance

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